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What is your deposit policy?

I take a $150 deposit for all appointments that goes towards the total cost of the tattoo.

Deposits can be made in cash or e-transfer. In order for your booking to be complete, you need to send me the deposit and have received a confirmation from me through email. Otherwise your appointment date will not be held. 

For deposit policy about reschedule/Cancel  please our shop website:


Do you do consultations?

I prefer to do my communication about your design and appointment over email, unless it’s absolutely necessary to do it in person. This is why it’s very important to be as descriptive as you can when telling me about your design when you fill out the booking form.

Your booking form is intimidating, why can’t I just email?

I use a booking form because on my own I am not an organized person. It’s easy for me to lose track of emails and what people want unless it’s all in one spot. This is why I don’t accept DMs about tattoo things, it’s too hard to keep track of.

I don’t have an assistant to help me with booking and this process takes hours of my time,

even with the form!

There is no rush to fill out the form, as it is not first come first serve. So please take your time and don’t be overwhelmed! Just answer the questions to the best of your ability.

Another reason I use it is so that I can have all of the information about the design you’re wanting rather than having to keep emailing back and forth if all of the questions aren’t answered in the first email

What should I do to prepare before my tattoo?

  • It can be very helpful to make sure to exfoliate and moisturize the skin where you are getting the tattoo for at least a week before your appointment! Dry and rough skin can be more difficult to tattoo.

  • Try to be clean before coming in for your appointment, so no going to the beach or going on a big hike and then coming straight to the studio. I will clean and sanitize your skin no matter what, but just in general it’s probably better for you not to be stinky and sweaty for your appointment!

  • Make sure to eat a big and full meal before coming in! Going to a tattoo appointment without eating beforehand can really increase your changes of feeling sick and passing out during or after your tattoo! Don’t risk it.

  • Wear appropriate clothes for where you are planning on getting the tattoo! So don’t wear really tight skinny jeans if you’re getting a tattoo on your thigh (unless you’re ok with being in your underwear in front of me and the other people in the shop)

Am I supposed to tip?

Jun Osaki (@ajunkysock) wrote about this on their website,

and with their permission I’ve included that below:

Tipping is a traditional thing in tattoo culture, a lot of artists will appreciate it considering over half the $$ you give your artist will go towards shop fees/taxes! Some artists factor it into their hourly rate and do not rely on tips (they are often very clear at this, if you don’t know - ask!)

Generally speaking the average tip for a tattoo is about the standard tipping percentage of 15-20%. Some people tip a lot, some people don't tip at all. Everyone is in different financial positions and have different perspectives on a value of a tattoo.

If an artist did a lot of work for you as far as being in good communication and drafting a custom design for you, your artist will definitely appreciate something extra for their effort/time/energy. It's good to practice awareness around how people treat you and how you could be treating others as well.

Why do tattoos cost so much?

Jun Osaki (@ajunkysock) wrote about this on their website,

and with their permission I’ve included that below:

Generally speaking, tattoos aren’t cheap, art can have varying degrees of accessibility. Most shops have a minimum of around 50$ or so, that would probably cover a very small tattoo.

On average in the U.S., hourly rates currently range from 100-250$. Demand and geographical location may effect the cost of a tattoo. There are some “high-profile” artists who charge an hourly rate of 500-750$ or more. If you have a budget and can only spend so much, it’s important to be upfront with your artist about it so they can give you some options. Some artists will tell you to come back when you've saved up and I think it’s important to respect that. There are some artists who are willing to be flexible. Remember it is not owed and it doesn’t hurt to ask! It may mean splitting up the tattoo into smaller sessions or less detail in

the design.

Here’s a general explanation of a tattoo artist’s expenses and what your money is going towards:

+A large portion of the money you give to your artist will be for shop fees/rent alone.

This averages anywhere between 50-30%.
+Most tattoo artists are self employed, which means we pay in our taxes (literally an extra HUGE bill every month/quarter/year to keep track of). That’s about 10-20% of the total.
+Tattoo equipment can cost anywhere from 200$ for a cheap setup and upwards from there depending on the quality
+Education for tattooing can cost anywhere from 5k-15k on average, even without a formal apprenticeship is takes a lot of $$ to build up your equipment and it takes time for education.
+Art materials are quite expensive! Technology like computer/phone/internet that we use to communicate with clients and the printers, papers, machines, sterilizing equipment, and utilities we use for the process.
+It takes time/energy to conjure a new and unique design from the imagination, then place it on paper in a communicable way. Email and communication takes up a LOT of time. Organization takes a LOT of time. Maintaining a business takes A LOT OF TIME! Most of running a business and organizing is unseen and under-appreciated labor, ESPECIALLY in the self-employed world. Never underestimate what kind of time things take if you yourself do not have similar kind of experience.

+Remember that you are working and FAIRLY paying a human being, which is unfortunately rare in consumerism of the world. Think about how most of our clothes, technology, food, and tools are created by poor labor standards in other countries. It’s an unfortunate condition that we can only begin to reverse by paying attention to where something is made and by whom. Money very unfortunately controls the world and it is important to remember that where we put our dollars is where we are enabling power.

**This is not to say that tattoo artists don’t get paid well** It’s one of the more profitable jobs in the creative field. Some artists get paid better than others, expenses will vary from artist to artist, life situations and geographical location factor in as well Some people are encouraged to be greedy without consequence, many people have complicated relationships to currency, and other people use it as a tool for positive change. It is important to be aware of these facts when choosing and working with your artist. Transparency is everything in my opinion, trust your instincts!