Leah (@tiny.toad) wrote about this on their website,

and with their permission I’ve included that below:

If you’re using saniderm, leave it on for 2-4 days. 

It’s normal for there to be some ink and fluid buildup under the bandage, so if it looks “blurry”, don’t panic!

Saniderm is waterproof, so you can shower with it on without worrying about it. However, that doesn’t mean you should go swimming or otherwise submerge it. 

If you get a rash around the bandage at any time, take it off and take care of it with the instructions below.

Remove the bandage in the shower with warm water and soap.

Peel it off gently, do not rip it off.

Once the bandage is fully removed, wash it with mild unscented soap. 

If there is any adhesive stuck to your skin that you can’t get off, you can rub it off gently with a cotton ball soaked in either olive oil or coconut oil. Wash the oil off completely afterwards.

Let your tattoo air dry for at least 10 minutes before applying your ointment.

Only apply a very thin layer! 

After a few days, you may notice some peeling and possibly a little scabbing.

You tattoo may also begin to itch. 

Doing so can seriously affect how your tattoo heals 

The first few days and weeks are the most important for your new tattoo.

Make sure to take care of it properly.

Wash your tattoo twice a day for at least a week, applying ointment after each wash and once more during the day as needed. Remember to always use a very thin layer. 

Do not overwash or over moisturize your tattoo. 

Make sure to never touch your tattoo unless you have just washed your hands. 

If you aren’t letting your tattoo airdry, use a paper towel (from a fresh roll) rather than a normal towel. Also, it can be helpful to use clean sheets at least the first night your tattoo doesn’t have a bandage on.

If you experience any symptoms such as excessive swelling, redness, yellow or green discharge, fever or see streaks running towards the heart, please seek medical help and see a physician. Those are signs of an infection. If you’re not sure you have an infection, you can feel free to contact me with an image of your tattoo and so I can help you decide what to do next.

DO NOT: Use scented soaps, take long showers, baths, saunas, swim in the ocean, pool or hot tub.

DO: Wear loose, clean clothes. Avoid sunlight. Ask me if you have any questions, even if they seem dumb! They aren’t!